GRG (Gods Recognize Gods) is an entertainment company with a mission of unifying creativity on the highest level, while serving as a platform for artist to showcase their god level talent(s). GRG is inclusive of artist, songwriter, producer and engineering management; touring & merchandising; videography & photography; community involvement; organization; new business ventures; and a music label. GRG is home to recording artists, writers, producers and engineers including Bhad Waiz, Freddy Ponder, Georrod Shareef, Lane Brodie, Roccie 2Loyal and many more. GRG was founded in 2015 by Andrew “Dru Era” Evans.

” When I say I am a God I’m letting it be known that I serve God by serving his people with the God Level Talents he blessed me with. We are all Gods, and my mission is to be an example for everyone to see the God in themselves, to see the good, the love, getting out their dreams and living life on your terms instead of living in some box that society wants to put us all in, Everyday we have the choice of bringing out the God in us or the Devil in us, the choice is yours but I know what Im pushing out to the people”. –CEO/Chairman/Founder Dru Era